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Latex Puppets are used by Performers & Entertainers World-Wide

Latex rubber is an amazing natural compound that is extracted from rubber trees (Heava) in South America and Asia. The rubber compounds are mixed with various chemicals to give it UV protection and anti-microbial qualities. It is the perfect compound for creating amazing puppets like the ones Axtell Expressions makes.
Latex formulas

Not all formulas are the same quality

Halloween Masks are often designed to degrade quickly

Fillers are added which reduce the flexible qualities of many latexes

27 years to develop our current AxFlex formula

Advantages of Latex Puppets

Sculptured look (Disney, special effects)

Living cartoons / Character


Easy to handle

Low cost

Eyes look like they move

Flexible skin like natural / no slot jaw

Look good with Hard Figures (smooth skin not fabric)

Axtell Puppets are exceptional characters


Latex will not last forever,
even our formula (the BEST!)

Some people are allergic / mostly from proteins in dipped method like condoms and rubber gloves which are powdered. Puppets are made from casting latex, ususally not a problem.

Slippery inside if you sweat / use Headliners

Tedious process & attention to detail may delay delivery.  They are not fast to produce since latex is labor intensive and requires much skill

Extracted from rubber trees (Heava)

Plantations in Asia produce latex similar to tapping maple trees

Cup lumps are gathered and strained

Stabillizers are added and the latex is put into centrafuge to remove water

Chemicals are added to create different latex compounds

Dipping latex, Brush on latex, slip latex, etc.

Care of Latex Puppets

303 Aerospace Protectant applied to the latex no more than every 3 months can extend the life of the puppet.

Protects UV Ozone

Also brightens the skin

Don't touch the faces

Keep clean in poly bag – Keep them looking professional

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